10 Best AI Logo Generators in 2023 (Most are Free)

These tools use artificial intelligence to generate logo designs based on your business name, industry, and preferences.

AI logo generators make creating professional logos quick and easy, using advanced AI technology to create various styles and formats. This post compares top AI logo generators to help find the one that works best for you. Most have a free trial version to test the interface and determine if it suits your needs..

An AI logo generator is an online application that uses machine learning to create a logo for a business or brand. It analyzes patterns, colors, shapes, and typography, blending them together and matching criteria. Users provide their business name, choose fonts, colors, and style, and the generator generates a series of logos for web, print, and media use.

1. Wix Logo Maker

Wix AI logo generator

Wix Logo Generator is a versatile AI website builder that allows users to create and edit their logos. With eight file formats available, including full-color, grayscale, and monochrome, users can also download themes or integrate them into Wix Brand Studio. The tool also offers SVG versions for further editing in programs like Gimp and Adobe Illustrator.

Key Features of Wix Logo Generator:

  • Over 40 color palette combinations
  • Hundreds of font selections, including Google Fonts
  • Over 100 full-color and monochrome icon choices
  • Add and customize geometrics shapes within your logo
  • Upload your own design assets and logos to the generator

2. DesignEVO

DesignEVO an AI logo generator

DesignEVO is a free AI logo maker and generator with an extensive library of assets. It starts with a pre-designed logo and allows users to edit and add colors, fonts, and icons. DesignEVO is highly functional and intuitive, allowing users to customize every aspect of their logo. Users can download a free version or purchase a premium version with lifetime updates, high-quality file downloads, and font files.

Key Features of DesignEVO:

  • 10,000+ logo templates to start from
  • Millions of free vector icons to add to your logos
  • 100+ font styles to use and choose from
  • Editable solid and gradient color schemes
  • Download high-quality print-ready file types like SVG and PDF

3. Looka Logo Maker

Looka an AI logo generator

Looka is an online logo generator that collects market research and creates a logo based on industry questions. The designer provides common styles and can add a slogan for clear brand messaging. The logo can be edited unlimited times and uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide modern-day suggestions.

Key Features of Looka:

  • Generates more than 75 logos in one fell swoop
  • Seven color scheme categories with hundreds of choices and selections
  • More than 300 font options in a variety of styles, including handwritten, vintage, sans serif, and much more
  • Saves previous logo generations and allows you to favorite generations that speak to you
  • Upload your own logo to edit and generate a brand kit from

4. Tailor Brands Logo Maker

Tailor Brands an AI logo generator

Tailor Brands is a comprehensive platform for businesses and brands, offering tools like an AI logo maker for creating logos. With a clean, easy-to-understand layout and a vast library of fonts, icons, colors, and styles, Tailor Brands simplifies the process of creating a logo. The platform also assists with other business necessities, making it the ideal starting point for building a brand.

Key Features of Tailor Brands:

  • The straightforward visual logo design process with hundreds of icons, color schemes, and layouts
  • Generates over ten different logo options based on your color, font, and style selections
  • Ability to download high-quality PNG and JPG versions of your logo on a white or transparent background
  • Save your favorite logo combinations and download a free sample
  • Generates business card designs, branding books, and more

5. LogoAI

LogoAI an AI logo and brand generator

LogoAI is an AI logo generator with a simple interface, allowing click-and-drop design. However, it may have limitations in certain options, such as restrictive color schemes. However, it excels in providing animated logos and offering editing options for all aspects of the logo, including icons, text, and color customization. This sets it apart from other generators that skip out on these features.

Key Features of LogoAI:

  • Over 50 fonts to choose from, including Google Fonts
  • Upload your custom font for use within the AI generator
  • Seven primary color schemes with a custom color picker option as well
  • Logos can be made available in PNG, SVG, and PDF file formats
  • Download video and GIF animated versions of your logo

6. Designs.AI

DesignsAI an AI logo generator

Designs.AI is a comprehensive design studio with AI generators for copy, videos, and logos. It allows users to create various logos based on their industry and branding. Users can customize their logo using various controls, including background changes and icons from its extensive library. The generator uses Google Fonts, allowing users to choose popular web-based fonts for branding and websites. Users can download their logos in SVG, PNG, JPG, and PDF formats. With a monthly subscription, users can create and manage a complete branding, social media kit, brand story, and mockups using their logo.

Key Features of Designs.AI:

  • 10,000+ icons available for use
  • Smart suggestions for font, color, and style combinations
  • Eight font style categories, 20+ color palettes, and 60+ icon border styles
  • Alignment, vertical and horizontal transformation, and undo/redo tools and options
  • Change font letter spacing, font size, and positioning of business name and slogan

7. Hatchful Logo Maker (by Shopify)

Hatchful by Shopify a free AI logo generator

Hatchful by Shopify is a free logo generator that uses AI to create color and logo combinations for establishing a basic visual identity. It offers three main options: edit business name and slogan, change font, and select a color from the generated palettes. Hatchful is a basic option for basic logos, while Shopify’s Business Name Generator is available for those who haven’t yet settled on a business name.

Key Features of Hatchful by Shopify:

  • Integrated with Google Fonts
  • Ten different color styles
  • Hundreds of color and font options
  • Free social media assets based on your newly created logo


Logomasterai an AI logo generator is a master of AI logo generation, allowing users to create a professional logo in just 5 minutes. The process starts with a questionnaire involving industry, slogan, business name, and logo style. Users can select fonts, colors, and icons, with extensive combinations. The platform features a powerful editing interface, allowing quick edits without design software. It’s integrated with Google Fonts, allowing users to choose from a library of backgrounds, shapes, and lines. Logos can be downloaded in high-resolution and web-ready file formats, and depending on the package, additional variations can be provided.

Key Features of

  • 100+ logo design templates
  • 100+ icon options
  • 15+ premade color palettes
  • Six font categories, boasting over 100 fonts in total, powered by Google Fonts
  • Add decorations like frames, borders, patterns, separators, and decorative lines.

9. Logobean

Logobean AI logo generator

Logobean is an AI logo generator with a complex yet powerful interface, offering various options for editing and styling logos. Users can select icons, fonts, and color palettes, as well as apply rotation, line and letter spacing, font size, and text alignment to their logo. Additionally, users can choose various hues and tints from the color picker, allowing for endless possibilities for colonizing their logo.

Key Features of Logobean:

  • Integrated with Google Fonts
  • Five central color palette schemes, with over 20 color palettes within each scheme
  • Generates interactive, digital logo style guide complete with brand guidelines for logo and typography usage
  • Download logo files in PNG and SVG.
  • Online logo management portfolio where your users or team can download your logo and associated brand guidelines


Logocom an AI logo generator provides a vast library of logo templates, icons, fonts, and colors for users to customize their logos. Tools help fine-tune designs, allowing users to adjust layout, colors, font styles, and add or remove elements. also offers branding services, including business card designs, social media assets, and stationery, ensuring a consistent brand image across various platforms.

Key Features of

  • Generates an unlimited of logos from your questionnaire
  • 100s of custom color palettes and themes
  • Easy-to-use interface with simple tools and controls for logo design
  • Save and share logo variations for use and download later


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