8 Websites to boost your Designer Productivity

These 8 websites significantly improve designers’ productivity and workflow by removing backgrounds, watermarks, and generating font pairs and type scale

Designers seek productivity boosts through various websites, including this blog. Eight websites have been found to increase productivity by 10x, helping designers achieve more work in less time.

1. is a website that removes background from images in just one click, using AI-powered technology to preserve image details. Users upload images, and the website automatically removes the background. They can download a transparent background or replace it with a solid color or pre-made background.

2. Huemint

Huemint is a website that offers a visual representation of color palettes for logos, websites, banners, and packaging. By uploading a palette, Huemint generates mockups, saving time and effort, enabling informed decisions and better designs.

3. is an AI-powered website that quickly and easily removes unwanted elements from images, ensuring near-perfect images without imperfections. Users upload their images, use the brush or lasso tool to select desired areas, and let handle the rest.

4. is a website that uses generative AI to enhance low-resolution images, making them clearer and more detailed. By uploading an image, selecting the desired enhancement level, and utilizing advanced AI algorithms, fills in missing pixels, improving the overall image quality.

5. PNG to SVG converter

Designers often work with various file types, including SVG, which is preferred for its scalable nature. However, not all images are in SVG format. Pngtosvg is a website that converts PNG files to SVG in just one click, allowing users to convert any raster image into a scalable vector graphic without losing quality. The process involves uploading a PNG file, which is then converted to SVG in seconds, resulting in a fully editable vector graphic that can be scaled up or down without losing quality.

6. Type Scales

Type-scale is a website that helps create type scales for websites and apps. It offers a user-friendly interface for experimentation with font sizes, styles, and line heights. By entering your base font size and line height, Type-scale generates a range of font sizes and line heights for you to choose from. You can also adjust font family, weight, and style to see how your type scale will look with different fonts.

7. Font Joy simplifies the process of selecting the right fonts for design projects by analyzing font characteristics and suggesting complementary options. By entering your primary font, the website generates a list of complementary fonts, allowing you to adjust weight and style to achieve a cohesive look.

8. Watermark Remover

Watermark Remover is a website that removes watermarks from any image in seconds, making it a professional and clean option for designers. By uploading a watermarked image, the website removes the watermark, ensuring the integrity of your design. This service is available for both stock images and personal photos, making it an essential tool for designers.

These 8 websites significantly improve designers’ productivity and workflow by removing backgrounds, watermarks, and generating font pairs and type scales. These tools save time and effort, allowing designers to focus on creating professional-looking designs. Give them a try and see how they elevate your design work.


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