9 Best Websites to Remove Image Background Online (2023)

If you are looking for the best websites to remove image backgrounds online, look no further. Here’s the ideal article for you to read. You’ll find a list of online photo editors that will allow you to edit images as well as remove backgrounds from them.

One of the most common tasks in image editing is removing the background. To avoid copyright claims, we sometimes edit images we download from the internet. Rather than going through the time-consuming process of image editing, you should try the best websites for free image downloads. These websites will provide you with images that do not require background removal. However, if it is a personal image of yours and you wish to remove the background. You could simply use your Android or iOS device.

I’ve chosen the best websites for removing image backgrounds online. Using these websites simply means that you are not reliant on any application. You can use web browsers such as Google Chrome, UC Browser, Mozilla Firefox, Puffin Browser, Safari Browser, and others to access them.

The Best Websites for Removing Image Backgrounds Online

Whether you’re a photographer, a graphic designer, or just a random person who wants to remove background from images, this is the tool for you. That will be very simple to do with the set of online tools listed below. These sites provide a variety of features, user-friendly interfaces, and dependable results. As a result, they are the go-to options for anyone looking to effectively remove image backgrounds. With that said, let’s take a look at these websites for online image background removal.

1. Remove Background

Background Remove

Remove Background is a popular online tool that specializes in automatically removing image backgrounds. It employs advanced AI technology to detect the element in the image and remove the background in a matter of seconds. Remove Background works with a variety of image formats, including JPEG and PNG, and produces high-quality results with little effort. This website allows users to change background colors in addition to removing background from images.

The website’s interface is simple and easy to use. Remove Background will handle the rest after you upload your image. After that, you can either download the image with the background removed or edit and refine the result further. Remove Background provides both a free version with limited resolution and a premium version with higher resolution and batch processing. Remove Background, also known as, is one of the most effective websites for removing image backgrounds online.

2. Clipping Magic

websites to remove image background

Clipping Magic is a powerful online tool for easily removing image backgrounds. Its user-friendly interface and advanced background removal capabilities make it appropriate for both beginners and professionals. Clipping Magic allows you to easily remove any background from your images. The website provides both manual and automatic removal options. The manual method allows you to manually mark the foreground and background areas, and the tool will do the rest.

Clipping Magic also includes image editing, color adjustments, and the ability to add custom backgrounds, in addition to background removal. Real-time previews are provided by the tool, allowing you to fine-tune the results before downloading the edited image. Clipping Magic also provides an API tool. You can also use Clipping Magic’s API to create your own image background removal website.

3. PhotoScissors


PhotoScissors is another website on the list; it is a simple online editing tool that allows you to remove image backgrounds. Most people prefer PhotoScissor because of its simple interface and powerful algorithm. PhotoScissors is a great tool to consider if you need to quickly remove the background from an image. PhotoScissors allows you to remove backgrounds automatically or manually, giving you flexibility and control over the editing process.

The tool’s drag-and-drop functionality makes uploading and editing images simple. You can either use the marker tool or the automatic detection feature to mark the foreground and background areas. Additional features include image resizing, cropping, and the ability to replace the background with a custom image. One of the reasons you’ll enjoy PhotoScissors is that it supports well-known image formats. You can upload JPG, PNG, or WEBP images with a maximum size of 10MB.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the best websites for removing image backgrounds. It is a web-based version of Adobe Photoshop and one of the best websites for Photoshop practice. When compared to other websites, this online tool provides a variety of tools and features for basic image editing tasks. While it lacks some of the features found in the desktop version, it is a reliable option for removing image backgrounds online. Removing image backgrounds from Adobe Photoshop Express is simple, which makes it an excellent choice.

You can isolate the subject and remove the background in Adobe Photoshop Express by using the selection tools. Additional editing features include color adjustments, filters, and image enhancements. It supports popular image formats and lets you save edited images to your computer or cloud storage. Adobe Photoshop Express is available to users of all skill levels because it is free to use.

5. LunaPic


When it comes to online photo editing tools, LunaPic is one of the most versatile. There’s a lot more to LunaPic than just removing background from images. There are sections for arts, filters, backgrounds, and borders, among other things. The best part is that they’re all free, and you can use them without any problems. In addition to the features of LunaPic. It includes a variety of selection tools, such as the Magic Wand and Lasso, that allow you to precisely mark foreground and background areas for removal.

Furthermore, LunaPic offers a variety of editing options such as color adjustments, filters, and effects. The tool supports a variety of image formats and allows you to save your edited images in a variety of file formats. LunaPic is completely free to use and does not require any software installation, making it an ideal choice for quick background removal tasks. You can save LunaPic as your favorite website for removing image backgrounds.

6. Fotor

websites to remove image background

Fotor is a one-stop online photo editing platform with a background removal tool. While it has a wide range of editing features, its background removal capabilities are quite impressive. Fotor allows you to manually mark the foreground and background areas, or you can use the AI-powered selection tool to automatically remove the background.

Aside from background removal, Fotor offers a wide range of editing tools, such as image enhancements, filters, and retouching tools. You can also use custom backgrounds and artistic effects to enhance your images. Fotor is available to mobile users in addition to being an online tool. The Fotor app is available for both Android and iOS users to download from any app store.

7. Pixlr

websites to remove image background

When looking for the best image background removal websites. Pixlr is also one of the most useful websites. Indeed, it is regarded as one of the best Canva alternatives for online image editing. Its simple interface and powerful editing capabilities make it suitable for both novice and advanced users. Every image editing feature on Pixlr is available for free, which distinguishes it from other tools.

Using the selection tools in Pixlr, you can manually remove the background. Users can also use the AI cutout feature to automatically remove background. Pixlr is a lot of fun to use, and with so many tools available, you’ll always have something to choose from. Additional editing options include filters, adjustments, and creative overlays. Pixlr supports a variety of image formats and allows you to save your edited images in a variety of file formats.

8. Canva

websites to remove image background

Canva is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for almost any graphic design task, presentation, or diagramming. Canva is a better alternative to Prezi for making presentations, a free Mentimeter alternative, and so on. Canva is a web-based graphic design platform with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and an extensive library of design elements. One of Canva’s key features is that it is a user-friendly online platform that anyone can use. You’ll have access to pre-designed elements that you can easily select and edit to your liking.

You can easily remove the background from your images and create transparent backgrounds using Canva’s background removal feature. Canva’s background removal process can sometimes work in two ways. Before you can download your images without a background, you may be asked to become a premium user. Alternatively, before selecting the export option, ensure that the image background has been removed.

9. InPixio

InPixio is another great option to round out the list of the best websites to remove image background online. Using InPixio’s selection tools or the automatic detection feature, you can easily remove the background from your images. It also includes a powerful photo studio for getting the most out of images. InPixio is a great option for background removal and additional editing options.

Additional editing options include image enhancements, filters, and cropping. You can also use a custom image or a solid color to replace the removed background. InPixio supports popular image formats and has an easy-to-use interface for editing.


Finally, these are the best websites for removing image backgrounds online. These sites offer a dependable and user-friendly interface. When using these websites, you’ll find it very simple to remove the background from images. You can also experiment with the image editing features provided by these websites.


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