Battling Emotions

When I was a lot younger, I usually looked up to the grown-ups and I wondered what kinds of problems they could possibly have. Especially the very confident people who seemed to have everything figured out, when you look at all the successful actors and actresses, musicians and business moguls or even just the local leaders in your community. Since they display so much confidence and wisdom in everything they do, I just wondered what could possibly be beyond them to deal with. At that young age I was dealing with problems of my own which felt so overwhelming, my parents who were constantly giving me a hard time with chores, my school work which was a lot of headache, my difficulties with socializing and many more things which bothered me. At that point I really wondered what could really bother these people whom I looked up to, they didn’t seem to have any problem speaking in front of large crowds, they were very intelligent, and they definitely didn’t lack the resources to do anything they wanted to. The objective for me was to become like them so that I won’t have any problems again, and maybe I too may ooze with so much confidence in what I do.

On the other side

I have definitely grown up through the ages, and I’m not yet at the age of those people I looked up to, but I do have some insight as to what it looks like on the other side. I can already see the eyes of some youngsters who are looking at me like I did in the past and I can already tell they feel like I’m a super human, they have already made up their minds from the very few successes I have had and now in their mind, they’ve made me into something I’m probably not. There are definitely many more difficulties, the only difference now compared to when I was a kid is that at this point, we all decide to focus on positivity instead of negativity. As a kid, you feel like complaining was a way to deal with your problems but as an adult you know for a fact that it doesn’t work, so no matter how many problems you have, you always try to be positive and spread positivity, as a consequence of this people feel like everything is going good in your life meanwhile you might be dealing with a lot of issues of your own. I believe all the people you admire face this too, despite all the problems they might have, they make sure they show you only the positivity, so that it might better off your own life as well.

The Biggest Issue known to man

There have been a lot of things humanity has had to deal with in its short time here on earth, some of which threatened our very existence, and today we’ve climbed the food chain. There are still things we haven’t been able to deal with and which still cause a lot of problems for many humans, one of which are the emotional issues. It doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, how powerful you are or even how rich you are, there are emotional issues which can have a negative effect on you and unfortunately, there aren’t any effective known medication for most of those. There isn’t any medication to make you emotionally strong, there isn’t any pill against heartbreak, the only solutions we have at this moment are just suggestions which take a lot of time to be effective. So if you are wondering what are some issues some of these very intelligent and powerful men and women deal with, then most certainly, they should have some emotions they are battling with.

Spread Positivity not Negativity

There is no doubt that the world is full of negativity, there are so many things which can and are going wrong. People are probably dying somewhere right now, others are on sick beds in hospitals and there are some others who are probably starving at this moment, but what will really be the point of being negative and spreading any more negativity? That won’t be of any use, and that’s why we should all actively strive to promote the positivity we all need. Thats what every leader strives to promote and that explains why we like them so much, the positivity they spread quells the negativity in us.

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