Top 10 Best Free AI Tools for Students, 2023

What are the best artificial intelligence (AI) tools for students? It could be to make studying easier for them or to make sure everything is simple. We’re going to show you the best AI tools that any student can use to save time and make learning a little easier and faster.

Many AI tools can assist students, but we were able to compile the best ones that will be beneficial to students. If students use the AI tools listed below correctly, they will be able to achieve their full potential. So, let’s get started and show you some AI tools.

The Top 10 Best Free AI Tools for Students in 2023

1. Tutorme

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Tutorme is one of the best AI tools for students. The AI tool is free to use, but you can unlock more features if you pay. It can be used to find answers to any questions or to learn more about anything. The artificial intelligence tool can be used to learn new skills and hobbies. Enter any question into the website’s search bar, and it will provide detailed instructions and answers. On the website, you can get one-on-one coaching, but you must pay to do so.

2. Querium

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Querium is another amazing AI application that gathers feedback on where a learner is struggling and attempts to provide recommendations on how to improve. To answer your inquiries, the AI tool employs natural language processing. You may ask the chatbot any question, and it will respond quickly. It is simple to use and has a nice user interface, as well as all of the capabilities needed to get the most out of an AI tool. Querium cannot be left off the list of the finest AI tools for students in 2023.

3. Quillbot

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Quillbot is a paraphrase tool that is causing quite a stir in the AI world. The AI tool will make detecting any AI written material or Task more difficult. There are certain methods that your professors or lecturers can employ to detect AI-generated content. Quillbot will save you from such situation. If you write material with any AI tool, simply paste it into the AI tool, and it will paraphrase it and make it sound like it was written by a human. As a student, you must utilize this AI tool. It is required.

4. ChatGPT

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We can’t discuss any AI tool without discussing its alpha, chatGPT. If you have the appropriate command, the AI chatbot can accomplish everything you ask. You may make it your teacher or even your study partner. Several of the AI tools in this post make use of CHatGPT’s API to aid in your research and comprehension. The most common issue that students have with the AI tool is asking the proper questions. To get the most out of the chatbot, you must provide effective prompts. It is simply the finest AI tool for students, and once you have generated your response, you must utilize Quillbot to paraphrase it so you are not detected.

5. Ivy Chatbot

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The Ivy Chatbot is comparable to chatGPT in some ways, but it was created for educational organizations. It will assist you in several elements of learning and attending a high school. The Chatbot will assist you with the application and enrolling process, including the application deadline and tuition. It may collect data from you and create recruitment campaigns on your behalf. The AI tool will assist you in locating eligible scholarships, loans, grants, tuition payments, and other financial aid. You may also teach the chatbot about your studies, making it extremely beneficial.

6. Woot Math

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Woot Math focuses on mathematical education and offers a variety of materials to students. Learning aids and interactive elements are used on the platform to make arithmetic entertaining and engaging. The software employs artificial intelligence to make mathematics more fascinating and enjoyable for users. It will identify pupils’ weak spots and provide comments to help them achieve. If you’re having trouble with math, you might want to try this AI tool.

7. Otter AI

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Otter AI converts audio and voice to text. This AI application may be used to take notes in a classroom or study group. With the AI tool, you may take and share notes, summaries, and lectures. It is also compatible with Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. It helps you stay organized and makes your job easier. As a student, you want to learn as much as possible, and Otter AI can help you achieve just that. In 2023, it is one of the greatest AI tools for pupils.

8. Speechify

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The AI Tool allows you to convert text to audio, so you may listen to your notes or even a whole book. This AI technology will allow you to consume instructional information while on the road, making it simple to learn and understand. If you don’t have time to read, the AI tool to utilize is Speechify. It also works with papers, PDFs, and articles. It is free to use, but a premium plan can cost up to $199 per year. Paying allows you to access additional features of the AI platform.

9. Knowji

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Knowji makes vocabulary study more practical and enjoyable. It is designed for young children and employs artificial intelligence and scientifically proven approaches to make learning entertaining and enjoyable. The AI technology uses a spaced repetition algorithm for words and assists pupils in memorizing words. The AI tool features an app with a user-friendly UI that is accessible on IOS and Android. It can help elementary and high school pupils increase their vocabulary.

10. Stepwise Math’s

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Stepwise is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual teaching platform. Whether you’re having trouble with simple or advanced mathematics, this is the program for you. The software provides individualized education and feedback to specific students, allowing them to study at their own speed and advance to new levels. The program analyzes your progress and generates customized lessons to help you improve your weak points. It will also assist you in preparing for examinations and tests.


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