Controlling your thoughts

Our mind controls every part of our body and has so much power in shaping our lifestyles. There is so much you can do with a powerful mind, you could literally change the world if you put your mind to that. Just imagine all the great minds who have shaped our reality till today; Steve Jobs, Einstein, Nelson Mandela etc What were they possibly thinking and most importantly how were they possibly thinking in order to accomplish such feats. Having a mastery over your thoughts is very essential in everything you do, how you do it and what it’s able to realize in your life. With the fast-paced modern lifestyle which is all about working and pleasure, we rarely take a moment to explore our subconscious through meditation.

Either we focus our minds on how to avoid problems or we are too busy thinking about ways of making money, but there is so much more we could possibly apply our minds to. I think it’s important for everybody to take a moment to meditate on their way of thinking and how to apply their minds to greater things, not just money making. Take the time to step back and look at your life from a different perspective even if it’s going on well, this isn’t about being happy or trying to better your life, it’s about something much deeper, it’s about gaining total control of your existence. Sometimes it can feel like we are just puppets working and having fun in this mortal body, but taking control of your thoughts puts you on a higher level of consciousness. I know it’s kind of crazy thats because its difficult to explain it with words.

You are not alone in your mind

The first thing you have to realize is that you are not alone in your head, there are some other voices speaking to you when you are processing your thoughts. There are firstly the voices of good and evil which try to sway you in one direction and also the voices of your memories, fears, hopes and emotions. I know it can be a lot to take in, one way you can filter through all these voices to find who you are is by saying things out loud, like literally open your mouth and voice things out into your ears, those choices can only influence you in your mind but can’t control your mouth. That’s why we sometimes say things we didn’t mean or think in a certain way which surprises us as well.

If you went through all the thoughts in the mind of most people, you might be shocked to see how even ordinary people can be thinking so negatively or foolishly, we watch violent movies without being violent, even the smartest persons on earth could do the dumbest of things. You have to understand that not all your thoughts are representations of who you are so in order to control your thoughts you have to realize how much of those are you and how much of those come from a secondary influence.

Thinking about the Right things

This isn’t something particularly difficult to do but the way the mind works is always geared towards curiosity, you can’t compel the mind to move in a certain way only, it’s free and wants to explore all the possible options out there. You can see that in the innocence of children who are very curious, they’ll go into even the most dangerous of places trying to explore their curiosity, that’s how the mind works. We often do negative things, not always because of an inherent drive to commit evil but rather out of curiosity of trying new things. Ironically, its trying to be good which makes us bad in the end, and I really like how this quote puts it,

Its the selfish intent of wanting to preserve peace which initiates wars

This doesn’t mean we should think negatively in order to avoid doing negative things but totally denying to even acknowledge these thoughts is what makes them even more potent.

Fighting evil thoughts

There is always a dark side lurking deep down that we desperately try to suppress, having evil thoughts isn’t much of a big deal as long as we don’t act on them. Giving a breeding ground to these thoughts is what is wrong, never allow yourself to sink down into this darkness of feeding into the negative thoughts, and the way you can do this is by overwhelming them with positive experiences. You have to understand that hate will only breed hate, evil will only breed evil, the only way to fight against anything negative is by putting in a lot of positivity into your life. That’s why it’s not about the experiences you go through in life, but what you became from them that is important. When someone hurts you and all you retain from that is hatred, then you just become this ball of hatred which builds up with time till it explodes. So for every bad experience you get, try to put in some positive energy into that for your own sake.

Positive Energy

We are energy and we are all surrounded by energy, the energy we have, the energy we put out into the world and the energy we take in from the world. Which kind of energy do you attract to yourself, is it a negative energy or is it a positive energy? What can people really say about you and the personality you have towards them? I discovered how important this is in my daily life as well, when I spend my time complaining, I attract to myself other people who like complaining, when I spend my time angry, I attract to myself people who are angry and so on and so forth. It can be difficult to control everything which happens to us on a daily basis, sometimes life just keeps dealing us with those bad hands but it’s very important that you master your energy and your thoughts and make sure that’s what you are putting out there into the world.

You can’t spend your time insulting others and expect everyone else to be nice to you, that just won’t happen. I see some very disrespectful person still complain how they are being disrespected, its just so ironic. One place you can see this practically is on social media, when influencers spend their time reacting to the negative comments, they attract even more negative comments, but for those who focus on the positive energy, its like the negativity doesn’t even exist. There is always going to be a balance of energy, but you have to choose in what direction you want to tip the scale.

Thanks for reading ☺️


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