People are going through a lot

Locked inside your own head, it’s easy to overlook what is going on all around you. We are very often blinded by our own desires and problems that we don’t even realize how much better or worse others might have it all around us. Do you ever take a moment to think about how different your life could be right now, you could be a millionaire with countless fleets of cars at your disposal, or you could be behind on your mortgage by a couple of thousand dollars and facing eviction. Even though we are different in many ways, we are very much alike when in comes to who we are and how we react to different circumstances in our lives.

Stressed out

Right now, there is probably a taxi driver all stressed out because he has countless bills to pay, but the income he makes from his taxi isn’t enough to cover all those. He tries his best and works harder, but he can’t make things get any better, he saves his money aggressively and starves himself just to make a little more money, but nothing he does is quite enough to take him out of the debt he found himself. He wonders what combination of decisions led him to that outcome, was it all the beers he drank the previous nights, was it because he couldn’t finish college or was it because he ended up having way more children than he planned to have, or maybe still marriage just turned out to be way more expensive than he had envisioned. No matter what the justification could be, the fact is that he is now in this trouble, and he needs to find a way out of it. The only rational solution seems to make more money, of course its just logical, since there are more bills then we need to make more money to pay for them, but maybe the problem comes from somewhere else, maybe the problem isn’t the bills or the money.

Below Average wage

It’s easy to think that just because you have a job then your life should be going good, sure there are people who are jobless out there but even for some people with jobs their lives are no different. When you factor in all the expenses and responsibilities on their shoulders, it really just comes down to the same thing. There is a person out there right now who has already run out of all the income he worked for during the month, it takes just an unforeseen problem or an accident to ruin him out of all his savings. You don’t need to look for problems, they know all too well how to find you and where to hit you the hardest. Managing money isn’t an innate skill everybody has, as a matter of fact most people don’t even know how to manage the money they make, basically they just splurge and save whatever is left for the next splurge. Yet you’ll look at this person as a highly accomplished person who is doing better than you in life, meanwhile his actual state might be a lot worse than your mental fortitude inspired by years of struggle.

A boring good life

Who would have thought that a life without any problems could be problematic, and yet that’s what many people go through too. When you have all what you want, you end up wanting nothing, there isn’t much which thrills you anymore, no objectives or passions motivate you and what is left is just a cycle of doing the same things over and over again, your life becomes boring, and you feel trapped in your own reality. Will the answer be to take risks and endanger your own lifestyle just in search of new thrills? of course not but what else can you do when you get 3 meals every day and your future is pretty much all planned out, when you can’t even explain the feelings you have nor the desires you want to have.

Tired of Winning

We are accustomed to losing at this point, but there also comes the time when we get tired of winning, when every decision we make seems to be the right one. This might not be the case with you, and I’m not saying you should feel empathetic for those who feel this way, but it does happen. The businessman who figured out the algorithm and now every move he makes leads to success, too much of anything ends up losing its taste or even its value. Now winning doesn’t feel like winning anymore, making the right choices doesn’t make a difference again, the objective was to become a millionaire, then it shifted to become a billionaire, now all the money doesn’t make any more sense, so we hide behind a vision which we know we can never attain. Maybe some philanthropy will give us back that passion, or maybe taking a trip with the family to a fancy location. They get tired of winning and get on a mission to do even more complicated things which they know they can’t win, just to feel some loss.

This is a consequence of the fact that the brain can not stop thinking, no matter how you try, you can’t stop the brain from thinking and trying to figure out solutions even when there are no problems anymore.

Health Declining

Lying in the hospital now thinking about their lives and all they were able to accomplish while dreading the prospect of sudden death are millions of patients, people who would like to be in your position right now, able to have spare time to read an article on the internet or even have the intellectual capacity to make a change in their lives. I’m sure none of them is thinking they should have been more jealous or envious of the other people but rather how harder they should have worked when they had the chance to, but now they have run out of health and time, they are just begging for another opportunity to be able to make a change for the better in their lives. We often neglect the blessing and luck we have just to be in good health and intellectually capable of doing certain things until it’s too late. When you are sleeping on that sick bed with not much you can do but wait, that’s when you realize that you should have done more but right now we hate, and we envy while we should instead collaborate and grow together.

Drunk on Passion

There are certainly those young people out there drunk on their passions and their illusions of a better world, one which they can see and maybe participate in creating. They aren’t deterred by all the negativity they’ve seen, their flame should be protected at all cost, even though this is a cold world, very often it isn’t a matter of whether we are able to make this a better world or not but hope should be preserved nonetheless because that’s what really keeps us moving. Its possible to make this a better world, it’s just that it wouldn’t happen as fast as we envision it to, it will probably take a couple of decades to make any significant change and the contributions of every single person helps us move in that direction, that’s why these young minds need to be protected, so that their contribution will serve the greater good.


Here are the perspective of different persons in the society, each of their experiences might differ from yours, and yet we share a common planet, a common specie, we are all humans. How will you react in one situation or the other? and do you think your perception and perspective will be different from theirs?


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