Smile, life is good!

At the bare minimum, you are alive, aren’t you? You are still drawing air from this planet, you are probably able to see and think which is already so much. Why are you sad, why are you angry, who are you angry at? put a smile on your face because life is good 😄. Life is just a cycle constantly revolving, today you might be down but tomorrow you also might be up. I’ve lived long enough to see, sad people become happy and happy people become sad, poor people become rich and rich people become poor, healthy people become sick and sick people become healthy, and I’ve been able to see smiles in every case. You might think these persons are all different from each other but trust me, we are all the same deep down.

When you are sick, you feel like its the end of the world for you and you are envious of those who are healthy, you’d do anything to be like that, and you wish those healthy people would show more concern for you, meanwhile the healthy persons are just doing anything with their lives and not concerned about their health until it becomes a problem. I witnessed persons switch sides and I noticed that their character was just similar (you could even think they were the same) that once healthy person became just like that previously sick person in his way of thinking and reasoning while that once sick person who was now healthy after just a couple of weeks had already forgotten all about his demise and was now all reckless with his health doing exactly what the other person did. They were different persons, but their human nature was common to them.

We all got problems

There is no doubt that we all got issues and suffering should never be compared, it is rather like this, you suffer, and I suffer, there is no comparative suffering. I know wealthy families dealing with depression and anxiety and trust me, you won’t exchange your humble life for that. I also know humble families who have more fun and joy than even the wealthiest families on earth. Life is what you make of it with what you have at that moment, if you wish for more then you should work for more, there is no point in being jealous or envying others, all the “what if?” won’t get you anywhere. The truth is that you can be happy with a lot, but you can also be happier with a little.

Good and bad moments

If you are really fair to yourself then you’ll acknowledge that you do have good and bad moments, I don’t think there is any person who will survive with just bad moments in his life. Sure, they might not be equivalent in intensity, but they are definitely not equal in value. The more bad moments you have, the more valuable the good ones and vice versa, working hard for your bread only makes it the more valuable, and you will enjoy that bread with so much ecstasy. Of course, I’m not saying that people don’t go through difficult times which can be unbearable, they do! There are many persons going through so many trauma out there for one reason or another but even in the midst of your darkest day, I’m sure you can find the strength to smile, it certainly can’t make things worse.

The cycle is endless

It never ends, you might feel like It’s when you get to a certain amount of money in your bank account that you are going to be happy, or when you attain a certain achievement that you are going to be fulfilled, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Even the richest man on earth isn’t the proudest of his wealth, but more about the work he has been doing, essentially the journey he has been on. It’s not a finite goal which will necessarily make you happy because once you get to that mark, you only realize that the mark keeps shifting, and you really can’t attain it. This is not to say that you can’t have any goals in life or that you shouldn’t seek to achieve great things, I’m saying you should find pleasure in the journey you are on and not on the finish line you are striving towards. Even though we might want to be millionaires, we don’t go around robbing people because that won’t be a fun lifestyle even if it might the fastest way to become a millionaire, living such a life you’d always have anxiety and troubles with the law.

Find something else

Another way in which you can smile is by finding something else to make you happy, it mustn’t always be what you see other people with. These days you see celebrities with jewelry, expensive cars and flashing money all over the place. They seem happy doing that and it’s easy for you to associate happiness with those things, but a Rolex is just a watch, Louis Vuitton is just another dress, we are the ones who have given value to all those things and made them the signs of wealth and happiness. You don’t need to make that as well your source of happiness, instead anything else could become your source of happiness, a concrete example of this is that for some people an inherited jewelry has more value than any piece of diamond, or a hard-earned jewelry could be worth more to a person more than anything else. So you get to define what makes you happy, is it seeing the smiles of other people when you wake up, or is it taking that simple walk down a cozy street, maybe its just looking at the busy street with all the people in a rush.

My grandparents would sometimes just sit for long hours on end watching traffic by the roadside, they didn’t care about having the latest TV or walking on the Grammy red carpets, yet that simple activity had more value to them than anything else, for some other people its their circle of friends and all the jokes they get to share. The point here is that you get to decide what you consider happiness, what brings you happiness so choose things you know you have total control over and not those things which might let you down the someday, it could be the simplest of things.

A smiles drives away fear

Smile to scare the fear in you

You’d be surprised at how effective this is, just by smiling and telling yourself that everything is okay (even when it isn’t), that could be enough to give you the courage you need. Our minds are always crowded with worries which stem from our instincts of survival, so it can be easy to get overwhelmed by negative thoughts which blind us from the actuality of life. Smile and tell yourself it’s gonna be okay because when there is hope, there is life.

Thanks for reading ☺️


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