The Opportunities all around us

Believe it or not, there are always opportunities all around us, right now somebody is getting fired, another person is postulating for a job, new businesses are getting started, companies are expanding their reach and looking for new employees and so much more. Whether you see these opportunities or not is really dependent on how hard you are looking, or if you are even looking at all. The economy is a moving machine, constantly renewing itself, taking in new energy and sending out old ones, looking for ways to optimize its processes.

I’ve met people who would tell me that there are just no opportunities out there, nothing to do and nobody is recruiting at the moment and what I would ask them is where they’ve looked. Two people could step out there and one will find a lot of opportunities, while the other person won’t even know where to search. I can confidently tell you that there are opportunities out there no matter where you come from, it depends on how hard you are looking and what your expectations are.


The first aspect which makes it difficult for us to find the opportunities which even lie below our noses is because we are so comfortable making excuses. Think about it, if you didn’t have a choice and needed a job as a matter of life or death, you won’t even get to make any excuse, you will really give it all you’ve got and if you still couldn’t find a job then you would know you just couldn’t, but since its easier for us just to make a convenient excuse to get ourselves out of the hook, that’s what we do. Imagine people out there who live in debt, they have to work or find work in order to pay their debt else they will be going to jail, do you think they really got any chance to make excuses? I don’t think so. I’ve met people who were just so comfortable saying “I can’t find anything” meanwhile they were just too selective of what they wanted to do. I believe the first thing is for you to get rid of any choice you are left with so you don’t get to make any excuse, if you don’t do so voluntarily while you still have some leeway, then life might back you up into a corner where you will definitely not have any choice anymore.

Love for Hardship

In an instinctive manner, human beings are accustomed to hardship and so for some people, they actually enjoy the hardship unconsciously, without even realizing it, they prefer to be in a state where they work harder for less than trying to make their job earn more with less work. It’s the same with some people sometimes, they have been so much use to the difficult times such that they’ve become accustomed to them, and they find it difficult to detach from that lifestyle, even though life may present better opportunities to them, they involuntarily turn them down just in order to stay in that state of hardship which they have always known.

Refusing to Change

One of the hardest things for a human being to do is to change his habits especially when he is grown past a certain age, you might do whatever you want, but you wouldn’t be able to make him change his habits, once most people are set in their ways, it’s really difficult to get them to change. Unfortunately we live in a society which is constantly changing at a very fast pace, it’s important for us to keep up with the times, things go outdated very fast, what you knew 5 years ago may be already irrelevant in today’s time and so if you refuse to change yourself, your habits and your knowledge then you are bound to be overwhelmed with the times.

For example websites have become a huge thing in recent years, through them, you can start a business, find work and do countless things, but you still have people who refuse to be on social media, refuse to use the internet and essentially stay away from modern technology without any concrete reason.

I see people everyday saying “there are no jobs, there is nothing to do here” but when I log onto local job portals I see millions of job announcements dated from the most recent to the oldest. Yet you have people who would tell you that they don’t know what to do, how do you expect to find a job sitting at home watching movies or scouting 2 or 3 companies who turn out not to be recruiting at the moment. You have to adapt to your times and make use of all the tools and techniques you have at your disposal because the information is definitely out there, its left for you to find it.

Wrong Mindset

Your mindset is very important in order for you to see all the surrounding opportunities, when you come with a pessimistic mindset without any hopes of finding something to do, then you are bound to not see anything even what would be standing right before your eyes. When you come with an open mind to accept literally anything you see, then you are sure to see a good number of opportunities, so many you would even feel overwhelmed. The mind is a powerful place, you should mold it into a useful tool which can help you overcome obstacles, it’s the center of both pain and pleasure and when you understand how to use it, you become limitless. I can’t really tell you how to mold your mind because I’m not sure how it works, but you can always look at all the great minds out there and how they did it, we are literally considering moving to other planets in a couple of years, just imagine the kinds of minds which could have envisioned that happening, if they didn’t even believe it was possible then they won’t put in the work to do so. Now at your low level, when you don’t even trust you can find that job or get that promotion, then you are sure not to get it.

Fear of Learning

This is what holds back a lot of the world, we are all scared of learning, I’m a victim of this too, I definitely wouldn’t want to have to return to school and sit on those uncomfortable chairs to listen to a boring lecture for half a day, but sometimes that’s what it takes to get better. Today you don’t necessarily need to go to school, you could get the resources you need to build the skills you want to, but even that process is tedious and very difficult to do for the average person out there, once we are passed the learning phase, we resent learning for the most part and avoid it at all cost even when it’s a limiting factor in our lives.

There are opportunities out there, some of which will require you to learn a new skill or get some new information, but because learning is a scary experience for most people, they give up on those opportunities because they don’t want to take the time to learn.

Thin Skin

Generally we all do have a thin skin when it comes to failure and rejection, when we fail the first time it is a major disappointment for us and pushes us to instantly want to give up, then assuming we get the motivation to try again taking another failure just makes things worse. This is even harder because we don’t know how many tries it’s going to take before we get a success, and there isn’t a general answer to this. I know of people who applied to more than 500 jobs and got rejected all the time, it’s at the 501 application where they were selected, if you had told that person it would take that many applications he would still have probably done it anyway, but this goes to show you just how resilient some people can be, meanwhile others may try 2 to 3 times and just give up. You have to develop a thick skin against failure and rejection in such a way that you are capable of trying over and over again while getting better each time.


There are more reasons why, but I think these are the main few which hold back the majority of people from excelling out there. Awareness is already solving half of the problem, you might read this article, and it motivates you to change, but likelier than not, you are going to choose not to change, that’s just human nature.

Thanks for reading ☺️


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