Work smart not hard

Every person should understand what this statement means in order to avoid themselves a lot of wasted time and stress.

You need to work smart and not hard

Though this statement seems simple to understand, it flies over the heads of a lot of people. To best understand this statement let me illustrate this with an example.

imagine two persons who go to work 5km away from home, one of them takes a car and the other walks on foot to get there, who would you say works harder? I am guessing you will probably say the person who walks to get there but you would be wrong unfortunately, they do the exact same work except that one person chooses (deliberately or not) to add more stress onto himself but that doesn’t imply they work any harder than the other person. You feel like that person works harder because you are assuming they can’t afford to pay for a taxi to get there but what if I told you that the person can actually afford to pay for the taxi but just chooses to enjoy the walk, so ask yourself the question again, who works harder? You see now that its nobody, they do the exact same work with the only difference being one person who chooses to add more stress to their self.

It’s very important to understand the difference between working hard and working smart and to realize that maybe it’s possible that you are just doing things the hard way and you think you are actually working hard. I see this a lot out there when I walk on the streets, people working in different fields who would proudly tell you that they are very hard-working whereas they are just choosing to do things the hard way when they really don’t have to. You end up with persons calling stressful and easy work as hard work.

Let me take two examples which are quite different; First a person who chooses to do accounting on a white sheet of paper instead of an excel sheet and the second example a person who chooses to stand under the sun to sell fruits and refuses to get an umbrella or a chair to sit on when they can afford to get those items. Take those two examples and ask yourself the question, are these persons really working hard or are they choosing to make some easy work stressful? Now these persons start thinking that their jobs are so difficult and not profitable enough, meanwhile these are all easy tasks and they are just the ones making it difficult.

Hustle and Grind

There are so many examples and every situation is not the same, I am not trying to give a general rule here, but it’s important for everyone to understand this and analyze their lives under this lens. Is your job really hard, or are you just choosing to make it stressful? You should also understand that doing the same thing over and over again doesn’t make it harder, it just makes it more stressful because the fatigue accumulates, your job didn’t get any harder. I say this because I often get people who will tell me just how hard their work is. I definitely appreciate your hustle and grind, far from me to say you are not working hard but you have to realize that you are working hard on an easy thing which is just stressful. Of course, you won’t make much with an easy thing to do, given that its so easy to do everybody can do it so the value decreases. This is why a person can be working so hard, putting in so much work and yet making so little, that’s because they consider stress as being a part of hard work but it isn’t, to put everything in perspective, an example hard work is having to go to school for close to a decade and solving complicated problems which are constantly evolving, I won’t personally consider hard work as being able to do the same things a million times, especially when these tasks can be automated.

Putting “smart” in the equation

When you put “smart” into the equation now you realize just how hard you could be actually working, to stick with the same example of a person selling goods on the street, just standing there waiting for customers isn’t going to be the hard work, but rather when you go out of your way to attract customers and figure out ways to sell faster and more efficiently while increasing your marketing strategy then you can really say you were working hard. The human mind is always attracted to the simple things whether you like it or not, so if you aren’t intentionally seeking for hardship and evolving to something better then you probably are doing something easy, being smart takes too much energy and our brains don’t like doing that when they don’t have to. This is just my point of view which might be flawed.

In conclusion

Figure out if what you are doing is just stressful or if you are actually working hard, take out the stress from whatever you are doing the best you can and you will see it become a lot easier to do, that could entail you learning new skills or you paying for additional services. Imagine if you could leave from your bed directly to your workplace and back again, your workplace won’t seem that far anymore. The more things you can automate in your life the better it becomes, whether its paying bills or just some trivial tasks.


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